Detailed description of Spinaliner™ use and benefits

What is the Spinaliner™?
The Spinaliner™ is the single most complete back care system available today. Using it alone or in combination with its accessories, you will discover how Spinaliner™ can work best for you. Simply lie back on the Spinaliner™ a few minutes a day and with very little effort, you will experience its benefits in no time.
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Spinaliner™ unit with lumbar and neck accessories
You can use this new back care system anywhere and anytime. Traveling, at home, in your office, at the gym, beach, or park. Use your Spinaliner™ before and after any strenuous sport or activity such as skiing, horseback riding, golfing, weight training, dancing, jogging or sitting at the computer all day.

The accessories are stored under an elastic band, for convenient storage and transportation of the Spinaliner.

How does the Spinaliner work?
Spinaliner™ is designed to put pressure on the muscles. You may feel an adjustment, but if you feel continuous pressure on the bone adjust your body or discontinue use. Use the neck piece for just a few minutes and then remove it if you wish to remain on the Spinaliner™. With your own body weight and the help of gravity you can receive deep tissue massage and encourage passive realignment of the spine.
For more accupressure or for isolated trouble spots use the lumbar accessory. Or you can raise your arms and cross them and slowly rock yourself back and forth for deeper massage and alignment.

How do you use the Spinaliner?
Sit about four inches away from the Spinaliner™. Reach back with your hands and grab the handles. Place your thumbs in the handles, which will help you center the Spinaliner™ to your back. Now slowly lie back on the Spinaliner™, guiding your spine down the open channel.

Place your arms out above your head and stretch your entire body. Relax and rest in this position for 2 to 30 minutes. This may feel strange at first but over time you will learn more about your back than you ever knew before. To help stretch, or to apply more pressure, place your legs onto a chair or prop against a wall or pillows etc.

Suggested exercises from the Spinaliner User's Manual: (click on thumbnail images to load larger pictures)
Use the neck support to help relieve stress and tension in the shoulders, neck and head. Use the lumbar support to stretch muscles in your lower back.

What are the benefits of using a Spinaliner™? Spinaliner™ can help relieve stress, increase circulation, promote relaxation, help relieve muscle spasm and encourage proper alignment. Starting any activity with a properly aligned back helps to avoid injuries and pulled muscles and helps to maintain your energy level.
The groove will help straighten the spine and massage the adjacent back muscles.
The straightening effects of the Spinaliner™ help this scoliosis patient to find relief.
The high points on either side of the center groove of the Spinaliner™ also help to untwist individual vertebrae.
As shown with this demonstration, the lumbar support accessory can be used to apply additional stretch at different positions along the spine.
Note how the disc has more room to move, and pressure and tension are released.

To Order:

The Spinaliner is available for only $36, plus $8 shipping and handling, less than the cost of a visit to a chiropractor.

To order, or for more information please send an e-mail to: KirkSaber@WestEdgeGallery.com

Our guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your Spinaliner, and decide to return it within two weeks, we will gladly give you a full refund (minus shipping costs, if applicable).
We at Spinaliner™ wish you a happy and healthy back, so you can live a much more active and productive life. To help maintain your healthy back, we recommend that you look into other beneficial activities such as stretching, abdominal strengthening, proper diet, and yoga.
Warning: We do not recommend placing any weight on your chest. Do this at your own risk. Advanced Spinalining is done without Spinaliner™ accessories. When getting up, roll off Spinaliner™ to the side and sit up slowly. Spinaliner™ assumes no liability for use or misuse of its products. Consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise or activity of a physical nature. Spinaliner™©1998 - 2011

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