The artist Kirk Saber invented his patented Spinaliner™ to help relieve his own back pain, and to maintain a healthier back. Saber has been so pleased with the results, he has made the product available to the public.

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It's easy to use: just lie back on the Spinaliner™ and let gravity do the rest.
By guiding the spine down the groove, you'll get a massage and possible alignment.
Relax and enjoy!

The Spinaliner™ comes with two accessories: the lumbar piece and the neck piece.

Add the lumbar accessory to isolate trouble spots.
You can slide the lumbar support anywhere up or down the back.
The neck accessory can help relieve the stress that can cause tension headaches.

The accessories can be used alone or with the Spinaliner™.

For more pressure, just elevate your legs.

The Spinaliner™ is light and compact made of high impact plastic and can be taken and used anywhere.


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To Order: The Spinaliner is available for only $36, plus $8 shipping and handling, less than the cost of a visit to a chiropractor.

To order, or for more information please send an e-mail to: KirkSaber@WestEdgeGallery.com

Our guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your Spinaliner, and decide to return it within two weeks, we will gladly give you a full refund (minus shipping costs, if applicable).

Warning: We do not recommend placing any weight on your chest. Do this at your own risk. Advanced Spinalining is done without Spinaliner™ accessories. When getting up, roll off Spinaliner™ to the side and sit up slowly. Spinaliner™ assumes no liability for use or misuse of its products. Consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise or activity of a physical nature. Spinaliner™©1998 - 2001

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